Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Team Pacat Custom Rod

This is one example of Team Pacat Rod. Handcrafted by Bro Rehot, member of Team Pacat. The original rod is Fenwick Eagle GT. However, it has been rejuvenated by Bro Rehot where the owner wanted a little diversity. Therefore, Bro Rehot has suggested that the handle grip to be changed from the 'Cork' to 'EVA'.

According to the Bro Rehot the use of the 'EVA' is to some extent will reduce the weight of the fishing rod without sacrifice the overall ‘balance’ of fishing rod. Owner of the fishing rod Madie said the fishing rod now is a much lighter and very suitable to be matched with his Daiwa reel Alphas Type- R.

In fact, many more production of fishing rods handcrafted by Rehot will be shown here. Most of the Team Pacat members are also own fishing rod handcrafted by Rehot . 'Blood Sucker ' is the name of the first prototype rod. To those who are interested with Rehot Artwork, don’t forget to see the progress and results of recent work of Bro Rehot at teampacat@blogspot.com


  1. fuyoooo... gambor macam tackle tour laaaa...

  2. Morning... Rehot, I think after the Hari Raya celebration I wanted to do 1 more special edition casting rod in conjunction with the Battle Of The Casters (BOTC2010) and the rod will be auctioned at BOTC2010 later. What do you think?

    Huhuhuhu not like tackletour.... but 'style' like tackletour.... perhap tackletour is my main source for tackle review