Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BATTLE OF THE CASTER 2010 - Let The Game Begin!!!

Team Pacat is a group of anglers who love fishing with casting techniques. Team Pacat was established in 2005. Our main objective of establishment is to promote the Sport Fishing. To achieve this objective, Team Pacat has organized closed casting tournament among the team members. The casting tournament was named as Pacat Super Series and was first organized in 2005. From 2005 until the year 2008 we have organized a total of 6 times this closed casting tournament at various locations including in Kenyir Lake, Temenggor Lake, Bersia and Air Ganda.

In 2009, for the first time we have invited a casting team from Pahang, Kuantan Lure Caster (KLC)  together to participate in the tournament. In the same year the tournament name was changed from Pacat Super Series 7 to the Battle of the Caster 2009. This change was made because for the first time the tournament was attended by other teams and it has been running successfully. All reports and photographs of the tournament Battle of The Caster 2009 can be viewed in our blog or through articles written by Pancing journalists Mr. Adlizam Yasin in Pancing magazine February 2010 edition.

This year, for the second time we would hold our 2nd Casting Invitation Tournament, named Battle of The Caster 2010. We have invited several teams from different states. Among of the teams that have confirmed their participation are Kuantan Lure Caster from Pahang, Shah Alam Santai Angler from Selangor and Qulaifornia Caster from Johor. This time the tournament will feature a total of 50 anglers. The tournament will be held for 4 days and 3 nights on December 4th to 7th, 2010 in Kenyir Lake, Terengganu.

We are very proud and honored as the tournament this year the Rapala VMC and TCE Sport will be the sponsor. We believe that this sponsorship will help the development of Battle of the Casters to become the annual tournament which will attract more investment and participation in the future.

Praise also goes to Pancing Magazine which will be our Media Partner again as last year. We feel that the involvement and cooperation of media such as Fishing Magazine is very important to help promote this competition and indirectly help to promote sport fishing.

Thanks again go to Rapala VMC, TCE Sport and Pancing Magazine as together we help to promote Sport Fishing through the organization of Battle of the Caster 2010. All report and photograph will be publish after the tournament end.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shimano Core 101

The perfect combinations of Shimano Core 101Mg, Fins PRT and Rapala Fat Rap give best result for your fishing fun. The 1.4kg Giant Snakehead. No problem at all..... 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shimano Scorpion 1001XT - Review

Last year, the Shimano Scorpion model has features that have been given a new look of the Scorpion XT 1500. The model that has been retuned it comes with a more aerodynamic characteristics, furious with the position of the lower body and drag capabilities have been enhanced.

Introducing the Shimano Scorpion 1000XT. Reel comes with the right control (1000) and left (1001) have begun to enter the Malaysian market in the second quarter of 2010. Entry is made in stages as demand is high, including in Europe and the United States market.

Shimano Scorpion 1001XT was introduced at the Osaka Fishing Show. For this 2010 version, the Shimano Japan has made a re-tuning of the Scorpion 1500XT by introducing new models of Scorpion 1000XT. When I saw this reel at the store and hold it, the new model is more 'sporty'. It is just as light as 190 grams and is able to provide maximum drag pressure of 4.5kg! (According to factory specifications). Scorpion 1000XT is the latest reel from Shimano Scorpion family after 1500XT model. Scorpion model 1000XT differences can be seen by the reduced weight of 20gm make Scorpion 1000XT is just as light as 190gm. The use of color is more prominent. 32mm diameter spool reel and body design has been improve with a more compact and more aerodynamic look.

We have the opportunity to perform tests on this reel. 2 units of Scorpion 1001XT tested in two separate lines. First on the river with rocky and heavily targeted species have current Sebarau while the second in the lake area is inhabited by Giant Snakehead species as the main target. In conclusion, we found the following....

If you look back in history baitcaster reel production. Most reel-reel produced appears quite large and bulky. Thanks to technological advances that have greatly assisted to the production of baitcaster. Baitcaster reel produced today is much more advanced and more ergonomic. Therefore, baitcaster reel such as Shimano Scorpion 1001XT has been through phases of upgrading and re-tuned.

The prices are almost same but which one is more stylish? versatile? and beautiful?

The overall shape of Scorpion 1000XT is similar to the Shimano Aldeberan, but both are using the different materials in the production of 'Drive Gear'. Shimano Scorpion 1000XT is a reel that easily operated, even with its small size and light weight advantage to the angler who likes to make a cast with only one arm.

Which one is 'bigger' and 'slender'?

Featured ergonomic, hand position is more tightly, the level of 'tumb' is in low position with the width of the body and the overall design a more slender to ensure that the hand can make a stronger grip on the reel and a reel seat when the cast is made. Therefore, in terms of comfort this reel was produced with the most ergonomic design at all especially for the angler who has a small surface of hand.

The Scorpion 1001XT looks very similar to Scorpion 1501XT but 1001XT image is more refine.

The Scorpion 1001XT looks narrower rather than Scorpion 1501XT.

The 'Tumb' is approximately in the same lavel but the 1001XT body is more slim.

Again, the Scorpion 1001XT looks narrower, slim and impurities.


With only a 190gram weight, Scorpion 1001XT is far superior to lighter, smaller and still look solid.Thus, the reel can be categorized into heavyweight classes, but constructed in a compact size.However, performance of the reel especially the ability to get the throwing distance was further enchance by the use of which has a spool diameter is only 32mm. Use of this spool is indirectly able to throw micro lure more easily and smoothly. Shimano Super Free Spool Application has also been a great help to get better throwing distance away, especially for micro lure.

The Scorpion 1501XT height is looks little bit high and looks a bit 'bulky' compare to 1001XT. Both still used the Shimano Variable Brakes System (SVS). The old system but still proof the best cast control system.

Ready to cast.... Perfect for Pitching

In our view, what makes the Scorpion 1001XT is a great reel that is his ability to throw different types of lure at one setting only. When setting Cast Control Knob and the spool tension properly made, lure such as Rapala Glass Fat Rap weighs 18gm and Popper River to Sea Bubble Pop can be thrown in so well at all and after that, when the lure such as light as 6gm like Rapala Coundown or Smith Panish and is thrown, without much problem it can easily be thrown in and still be able to get the optimum distance without no tampered or changed to a new setting. This capability makes the Scorpion 1001XT is a very versatile reel.


Scorpion 1001XT comes with 7 ball bearing with 6 nos of S-ARB and a roller bearing as Scorpion 1501XT. However, Scorpion XT 1501 series comes with 5 S-ARB, 1 A-RB and 1 Roller Bearing.All the 7 ball bearings were placed at key parts of the rotating includes Knob. Directly makes this reel so smooth and silent. In fact, the gear ratio is also very suitable for almost any type of lure.

Scorpion 1001XT offers a maximum 64cm of line retrieve in one rotating handle makes this reel a high-speed reel in the 1000 size. Therefore, this reel is suitable for use in the swift waters and rocky area

A very nice 1.5kg Kejor (family of Carp fish (Cyprinidae).

No problem at all on Scorpion 1001XT


Although the Scorpion reel 1001XT looks small but Shimano engineering, this reel can give a maximum pressure up to 4.5kg!. Is this true? Feeling unsure is because the size of the reel is relatively small. Therefore, we decided to test this reel drag system. To get good results, the test is done by targeting the Giant Snakehead species. This is because we believe that this species is able to provide strong resistance. We chose the Temenggor Dam, Royal Belum as the field tests.

Seriously, this rod is hard-pressed by a brutal Giant Snakehead, but thanks to the Scorpion 1001XT drag… you even can even feel the drag power and it so smooth.

1.8kg Giant Snakehead on Scorpion 1001XT with No.2 Toray Super PE and Duel NTDF Side Popper. Not surprise!! This reel also suitable for Topwater lure such as popper and pencilbait.

Finally, we manage to tested the drag reel with the ferocious Giant Snakehead.

Seriously, this brutal Giant Snakehead really test the Scorpion 1001XT drag.

The drag tested up to the limit!!!!

Seriously, you can feel the drag power of Scorpion 1001XT.

Just a little bit more...

There you can see it now....

Finally.... A 4.2 kg hideous Giant Snakehead landed on Scorpion 1001XT

After 3 days of testing with 2 units Scorpion 1001XT, the test results found that the drag system works very well. Although the drag locked tight, the main line can still come out with a very smooth and no sense of 'stuck-block'. Thus the fish can be brought under control when the line pulled by the fish. The design of 'Star Drag' is also contribute a lot of help. Drag can be adjusted easily when the game requires quick action by angler. No problem with the system and the power of drag is so easily felt when we landed Giant Snakehead magnitude 4.2kg. Roughly, this clearly proves that the reel drag system is more than able to hold the fish runs.

What in the engine
If we look at the engine, Scorpion 1001XT is not much different with the other Shimano reel. However, there are two part that attract our attention, the parts are 'Drive Gear' and 'Pinion Gear'.

Worth for money, good for long term....'Drive Gear' and 'Pinion Gear’ are made from ‘High Strength Brass

When retrieving, the 'Drive Shaft' will be turning the 'Drive Gear' and then the power will flow directly to round the 'Pinion Gear’. This is where the most important and critical point as it rotates. Both are part of this contact requires the strength to do their job. This is necessary because the two parts will be received at a higher friction when the rope is pulled by a fish or when retrieving.

Typical Shimano engine

Therefore, Shimano introduced a material that is called ‘High Strength Brass’ as the main material for making 'Drive Gear' and 'Pinion Gear’. ‘High Strength Brass’ is a material that has better resistant to corrosion. In addition, it is far stronger and lighter than stainless steel. In the long run, this technology will make the reel is long lasting, durable and can be used for saltwater fishing. This is where the advantages of this reel. Shimano will ensure that only high quality reel to be ‘born’. And this is what makes this reel a quality machine. It has almost all the features of a reel that expensive, and most importantly to give satisfaction to the angler.


Overall, this reel is an amazing new model and a new point for the production of high-profile reel design in a fairly reasonable price. At the price of RM700-RM800, Scorpion 1000XT really worthwhile to own. This is because this model has the optimum performance for use either in freshwater or in saltwater. Whether owned by men and women, would increase the appearance of 1000XT Scorpion caster image through stylish design or its power when fighting fish.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Team Pacat Custom Rod

This is one example of Team Pacat Rod. Handcrafted by Bro Rehot, member of Team Pacat. The original rod is Fenwick Eagle GT. However, it has been rejuvenated by Bro Rehot where the owner wanted a little diversity. Therefore, Bro Rehot has suggested that the handle grip to be changed from the 'Cork' to 'EVA'.

According to the Bro Rehot the use of the 'EVA' is to some extent will reduce the weight of the fishing rod without sacrifice the overall ‘balance’ of fishing rod. Owner of the fishing rod Madie said the fishing rod now is a much lighter and very suitable to be matched with his Daiwa reel Alphas Type- R.

In fact, many more production of fishing rods handcrafted by Rehot will be shown here. Most of the Team Pacat members are also own fishing rod handcrafted by Rehot . 'Blood Sucker ' is the name of the first prototype rod. To those who are interested with Rehot Artwork, don’t forget to see the progress and results of recent work of Bro Rehot at

Monday, August 16, 2010


Shimano Curado 50E
Shimano Curado 50 is basically the aluminum version of the Core 50Mg. The Shimano Curado 50 is a US version of Shimano Scorpion 1000XT of JDM version. It features a smaller profile reel and more palmable profile. The Curado 50E is being introduced in both a right and left hand retrieve, the aluminum body weighs in at 195gram and features a slightly slower gear ratio than the Core 50 at 6.4:1 versus the Core’s 7.0:1. The Core 50 comes with 8+1 bearings while the Curado 50E will come with 6+1.

Shimano Scorpion 1000XT
The new Shimano Scorpion XT 1000, 1001(lefty) has super-low sitting body. The frame now sit 6.5mm lower than before giving the angler a firm and tireless grip during casting. The small palming body ensures you the comfort in fishing for pitching and flipping anglers. The light-weight reel weighing 190gram and 80mm long drilled spool maximizes the casting distance, as well improves the accuracy in casting. This reel also suitable for saltwater fishing as the drive gear made from ultra high strength brass and the bearing are made from shimano special treatment S-ARB.

Shimano Caenan
This new reel is called Shimano Caenan. It features a silver and red profile with the center frame a deep pearl red color. The Caenan features a 6.5:1 gear ratio and weighs in at 205gram. It has 6+1 Stainless Steel bearings and is capable of reeling in 68 cm of line per crank. Plus, the max drag of this reel is 4.5kg. Retailing for only $89.99 (RM287) this reel should do well among anglers looking for mainstream reel that has many of the features found in reels retailing for much more.

Shimano Amenista
The new Shimano Amenista is a new line-up of Shimano baitcasting reel. The reel is design to be low sitting body and easy to palming. Weighing only 215gram this light weight reel aim to give comfort fishing for pitching and flipping anglers. The reel also engineered with 3 S-ARB bearing and 4.5kg max drag to give power cranking and smooth casting.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Altima Spoon naik harga lagi????

Saya dimaklumkan oleh seorang teman dalam dunia pancing bahawa 'spoon' yang cukup tersohor pada abad ini iaitu Altima Spoon akan mengalami kenaikan harga lagi antara RM2 ke RM3!. Ketika ini, harga Altima Spoon di pasaran berada pada paras sekitar RM28 ke RM31. Kemungkinan harga baru Altima Spoon di pasaran akan mencecah RM33 ke RM35!!!!. Pertambahan ini mungkin disebabkan kesukaran untuk mendapatkan stok selain permintaan yang tinggi di pasaran. Secara tidak langsung, keadaan ini telah meningkatkan harga Altima Spoon di pasaran.

Pada pandangan saya, bagi 'spoon' dengan harga RM30 pun sudah dikira sangat mahal. Tidak dinafikan keupayaan membeli terletak pada kekuatan kewangan masing-masing. Walau bagaimana pun, di sini pemancing selaku pengguna perlu bertindak bijak. Di pasaran, masih terdapat banyak lagi 'spoon' yang berpotensi pada harga yang sungguh berpatutan. Oleh itu, kita masih lagi ditawarkan dan mempunyai banyak pilihan terhadap sesudu di pasaran. Buatlah pilihan yang bijak.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tasik Prima Masih Penuh Dengan Toman

Lama rasanya tak memancing, justeru saya dan Aiman secara tidak sengaja bercadang memancing. Tambah pula malam sebelum itu saya telah menjual kekili Shimano Scorpion XT 1501 pada Aiman. Apa lagi, tak sabar-sabar Aiman untuk menguji reel barunya itu. Aiman mencadangkan pada saya 2 bekas lombong yang berpotensi iaitu di Putra Perdana dan di Tasik Prima. Dahulu... Tasik Prima begitu terkenal sebagai padang pancing mengilat (Casting) Ikan Toman dan Ikan Raja (Peacock Bass) di Lembah Klang tetapi sejak akhir-akhir ini akibat dari aktiviti penimbusan tanah dan pembangunan kawasan sekitar yang semakin rancak, padang pancing untuk 'caster' ini dikhabarkan telah menjadi semakin suram.... Justeru saya dan Aiman akan membuktikan adakah tanggapan itu benar atau tidak.... Saya seterusnya menghubungi seorang lagi ahli Team Pacat iaitu Madie. Tanpa banyak soal Madie pun bersetuju untuk turut serta.

Kami pergi ke sebuah lombong di Putra Perdana terlebih dahulu. Kata Aiman lombong ini juga sedang dalam proses untuk ditimbus bagi memberi laluan kepada pembangunan. Oleh yang demikian, keluasan lombong semakin lama semakin mengecil. Kata Aiman ini membuatkan toman-toman di dalam lombong tersebut berada dalam keadaan 'under pressure'. Maka dengan itu mudah lah untuk kita mendapat 'strike' nanti. Satu teori yang berjaya menaikkan semangat kami. Namun begitu, dari pukul 7.30pg hingga lah ke pukul 9.00pg seekor toman pun tak sudi menjamah gewang-gewang yang kami persembahkan.

Hampir 1jam setengah kami 'bersenam' tangan tetapi tak seekor pun toman memandang gewang kami, mengapa ye??. Memang sukar kita nak tentukan mengapa ikan tidak mahu makan tetapi pasti ada sebabnya. Saya membuat sedikit kajian dengan meninjau kawasan sekitar lombong. Dari hasil pemerhatian, saya dapati terdapat banyak ikan keli di dalam lombong tersebut. Ikan-ikan keli ini begitu banyak dan seronok bermain sehingga ada yang timbul mengambil nafas kira-kira 2kaki sahaja jarak dari tebing dan dengan jelas kelihatan ikan keli ini di beberapa kawasan cetek di tepi lombong. Tanpa ragu-ragu secara teorinya, saya membuat kesimpulan bahawa Ikan-Ikan Toman di dalam lombong ini telah mempunyai 'stok' sumber makanannya yang banyak iaitu Ikan Keli!. Walaupun teori ini mungkin secara kebetulan sahaja tetapi penemuan kepala ikan keli yang saya begitu yakin badannya telah dibaham toman menguatkan lagi teori ini. Memandangkan teori ini dipersetujui oleh Madie dan Aiman serta kedatangan kami tidak mendapat 'sambutan' maka kami pun beralih ke Tasik Prima.

Kami sampai di Tasik Prima kira-kira pukul 9.30pg. Sudah ada 6 bot sedang melakukan aktiviti 'casting' dan 'fly-fishing' dan ramai juga yang telah sampai sejak awal pagi lagi untuk casting. Target mereka di Tasik Prima ni apa lagi kalau bukan Ikan Toman atau Ikan Raja(Peacock Bass). Namun menurut Aiman Ikan Toman di Tasik Prima ini telah 'culas' dengan gewang warna striking, katanya lagi gunakan gewang-gewang yang berwarna 'natural'. Ikan Toman di Tasik Prima ni lain sikit perangainya maklum saja lah ikan bandar la katakan. Kata Aiman lagi, pemancing perlu memiliki kesabaran yang tinggi untuk memujuk Ikan Toman memakan gewang. Selain itu juga pemancing perlu kreatif dan rajin menggunakan pelbagai jenis gewang.

Ini dibuktikan oleh Aiman apabila beliau berjaya mendaratkan seekor Ikan Toman dengan menggunakan gewang Rapala. Aiman yang dari awal lagi tidak berhenti-henti casting berjaya mendapat satu 'strike' dari Ikan Toman menggunakan reel barunya itu. Haaa...ini la habuannya pada yang rajin casting macam Aiman. Setelah bergambar 2-3 snap Ikan Toman itu pun dilepaskan semula ke dalam lombong.... Buat apa nak bawak balik.... Lagi pun ikan toman bukanlah spesies yang enak untuk dimakan..... tetapi jangan buat tak tahu spesies ini memang 'enak' untuk lawan tarik.... Ini lah yang menjadi aspirasi kami di Team Pacat untuk mempromosikan 'Sport Fishing'.

Kami semua berhenti memancing pada pukul 10.30pg kerana sudah agak penat dan tak tahan panasssss.... Kesimpulannya Ikan Toman di kota ini terutama sekali di Tasik Prima ini masih lagi banyak.... tetapi perlu cara dan gayanya untuk mendapatkan 'tarikannya'. Tipsnaya di sini bagi yang baru nak memancing di Tasik Prima... gunakan gewang-gewang yang berwarna 'natural' dan rajin-rajin lah tukar gewang. Setakat ini dahulu coretan saya dan sehingga berjumpa lagi di padang pancing yang lain. Assalammualaikum.